Excelsior Statistics and Optimization

Recent publications

Peer-reviewed publications:

Gordon Bower, Scott Ploger, Paul Demkowicz, and John Hunn, 2017. “Measurement of kernel swelling and buffer densification in irradiated UCO-TRISO particles.” Journal of Nuclear Materials 486: 339-349. Click for PDF

Zachary Spielman, Rachael Hill, Katya Le Blanc, Brandon Rice, Gordon Bower, Jeffrey Joe, and David Powers, 2016. “Full scale evaluation of how task-based overview displays impact operator workload and situation awareness when in emergency procedure space.” Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 495: 15-27.

Conference presentations:

Gordon Bower, "Who really are nontraditional students, and when do they register?" Pacific Northwest Association for Institutional Research and Planning, Tacoma, WA, 09 November 2017.

Gordon Bower, “Maximum likelihood estimation of TRISO fuel particle dimensions in the AGR-1 experiment.” Snake River Chapter of the American Statistical Association, Boise, ID, 03 June 2016.

Publicly available whitepapers:

Gordon Bower and Larry Hull, 2016. “Approximation of AGC-1 and AGC-2 specimen temperatures.” Idaho National Laboratory document INL/MIS-16-40507.

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