Gordon is available to teach seminars on statistical reasoning and methods.

Attending a mini-course on the most common statistical tools and their pitfalls is a great way for all researchers to improve the quality of their work. If you do your own analysis, you will understand what you are doing and be better able to defend your results. It also gives you a basis for deciding what tasks to do in-house and what tasks to hire an expert to do for you.

A more focused course on a particular field of statistics may also meet your needs. I can travel to your site and present a half- or full-day course on a statistical topic of your choice, or a week-long condensed version of a topic you’d normally cover in a 3-credit one-semester college course.
I have recently been asked to teach half-day mini-courses on sample size determination, propagation of error, and the uses and abuses of logistic regression, both as standalone sessions and as workshops attached to conferences.

Contact us and let me know what your training needs are.