Excelsior Statistics and Optimization

Thesis preparation

We can help you make your Master’s or Ph.D. thesis be the best it can be. Contact us today to discuss your experimental design, your choice of methods, or how best to present and explain your results. Include your literature review, as well as your research questions, to help us get up to speed on your area of study.

We've recently helped a nurse evaluate the effectiveness of how her staff were trained to treat sepsis; a pyschology Ph.D. candidate, assessing the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome on children; and an Air National Guard officer trying to predict the maintenance needs of his squadron's aircraft. We can help you next!

What is the best way to make sure that your data collection efforts won’t be wasted?
Bring your research questions to a statistician, while you are still in the experimental design phase! In just a few hours, we can help you choose the right sample size, make sure your data will answer the questions you care about, and steer you toward the most powerful analyses possible for your type of data.

There is much more to statistics that the simple means, standard deviations, and t-tests that you learned about in your sophomore stats class. Even your professors may be impressed at what is possible with the right data and right analysis techniques, and learn something new from reading your thesis.

The reason you write a thesis is to gain practical experience in doing research. In the 21st century, research is very rarely a solitary activity. Knowing how to assemble the right research team and knowing when to bring in an expert consultant to fill in gaps in the team’s abilities are valuable skills for you to learn.

Of course, what we can’t do is do your homework for you. The statistician’s job is to help you apply statistics to your research.

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