Excelsior Statistics and Optimization

Scientific programming

All but the most basic statistics work involves some programming, rather than just selecting data in Excel and using canned analysis routines.

Especially if you anticipate needing the same type of analysis monthly or annually, it pays to automate the data processing. We are happy to do this using our own software tools, or work with you to develop a solution that meshes with the software prefer. Contact us and tell us what you need!

In our own work, we use Mathematica, SAS, R, Visual Basic (including VBA macros in Microsoft Excel), and TCL, in approximate order of decreasing frequency. (See our article on When is Venus brightest? for a simple example of analysis using Mathematica.)

If you require a product embedded directly into a webpage, or a standalone program in another language such as C#, we will be happy to either work with someone on your staff, or subcontract a colleague proficient in the desired language.

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