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Geyser Research in Yellowstone Park

Incomplete. Stay tuned!

I have several past and current projects, which I'll place on this page as my time and energy permit:

Yellowstone links

A volunteer-led project to make as many geyser observations as possible freely available on the web. Most of the data are eruption times collected by park visitors and people watching the Upper Geyser Basin webcam, but there are also transcriptions of historical data, and temperatures from logging devices that have been deployed.
Field notes updated regularly during the summer season by other geyser observers:
  • Heinrich Koenig — featuring several fine videos of Steamboat Geyser and Giant Geyser from the summer and fall of 2018.
  • Janet Jones, featuring some fine before-and-after photo comparisons of thermal features that have experience changes in behavior. She has also written a book about the West Thumb Geyser Basin.
Yellowstone Science
A free journal reporting on recent research in Yellowstone, published by the Park Service.

Yellowstone history

Historically significant Yellowstone books available freely in electronic form:
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